Application of information systems 2 :: Data protection information systems of enterprises and organizations

Application of information systems 2

  Workflow. Well-established system of accounting document reflects what really goes on in the company of current operations and gives managers the opportunity to act on it.
  Operational management of the enterprise. IS solves the problem of efficient management, based on the database, which records all possible information about the enterprise. This IS is a tool for business management and is commonly called the corporate IS.
  Providing information about the firm. Active development of the Internet has led to the need for enterprise servers to provide various kinds of information about the enterprise. Almost every company now has a web server. Furthermore, the use of web technology opens up broad prospects for e-commerce and customer service via the Internet.
  For normal functioning of IS should meet the following requirements :
  Flexibility - IS devices to the new conditions, the new needs of the enterprise.
  Reliability - backups stored information, perform transactions logging, maintaining the quality of communication channels and physical media, the use of modern software and hardware.
  Efficiency - optimizes the data and its treatment, the use of original designs, ideas, methods of design.
Security - means property of a system whereby no unauthorized persons have access to the information resources of the organization, other than those intended for them.


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